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Premium 500ml (fruity & robust)


500 ML / 16.9 oz

LA PRIMERA Early Harvest Hojiblanca is a premium quality extra virgin olive oil made from 100% single origin olives grown in the mountainous region of Priego de Córdoba, Spain. Our fruits are picked young and green for peak, bright flavors, and a higher concentration of health-protective polyphenols (225+ mg/kg). 

Farm-to-bottle traceability via the EMURGO Cardano blockchain. 

Each oil is bottled in dark glass to protect the integrity of its contents from light oxidation. We use eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging.

100% single-origin olives from Priego de Córdoba, Spain

Flavor Profile:
Nose — fresh grass / banana / green apple
Palate  green almond / aromatic herbs / tomato
Mouthfeel  smooth / clean / bright 


  • October 2021 early harvest
  • Cold extracted at less than 24 °C within hours of harvest
  • Acidity 0.13% at the time of bottling 
  • Polyphenol-rich (2250+mg/kg) 
  • Non-GMO & non-intensive agriculture 
  • Smoke Point: 210 °C (410 ° degrees)

Best by March 2023

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