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Unique origins

Like coffee beans, olives from a defined geographic area are expressive of time and place. Our oils are crafted using early-harvest heirloom varietals that are native to Córdoba, Spain.

Each and every one of our bottles is fully traceable to its unique origin so that you know every last drop is genuine, premium, and fair.

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Ethical origins

We work directly with small farmers and master millers in the Sierras Subbéticas of southern Spain.


We stand for protecting rural traditions that trace millennia. By partnering with others who value heritage and quality, we're striving to keep a unique and historically important oleocultura alive.

Sustainable origins

Each of our oils comes from traditional Spanish olive trees that produce fewer yields but higher quality fruits than those of high density orchards.

And unlike super intensive agriculture—where trees are genetically selected for mass, industrial production—small-scale farming doesn't deplete natural resources; nor does it crowd out native bugs, birds, bees, and crops.

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Healthy soils and diverse genetics make for tasty, nutrient-rich foods.

  • Origins matter

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