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Not all extra virgin olive oil is created equal.

Each of our oils is fully traceable from farm-to-bottle so that you know every last drop is genuine.

A transparent journey


Knowing where your food comes from—the farmers that grow it, the producers that craft it, the story of its journey—is essential to ensure quality. 

We believe that full transparency can help stem the egregious amounts of fraud, monopolization, and harmful agricultural practices present in our industry. We use an open blockchain platform to show you how each bottle of LA PRIMERA is made: where the olives are grown, how they're harvested and by whom, the process of extraction, storage, bottling... in short, its trip from origin-to-end. 

Small farmers, artisan mills, and discerning consumers all want the same: a healthy, high-quality, fairly produced product. 

Trust but verify

  • verifiably single origin: certified traceability from farm-to-bottle
  • verifiably sustainable: traditional dryland farming of native heirloom fruits grown on heritage olive trees
  • verifiably ethical: fairly and transparently produced from harvest through extraction
  • verifiably high-quality: certified labs and strict controls, no adulteration or mislabeling


    In partnering with EMURGO and Brandmark for a radically open and transparent traceability application, we’re guaranteeing premium craftsmanship: each bottle's QR code let’s you track your oil’s journey from farm-to-fork so that you know every last drop is genuine.

    By having access to real-world data directly committed to the CARDANO blockchain, you can be sure your purchase is both combating food fraud and helping artisan producers keep their traditions alive.

    Learn more about discerning for quality.