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Our Story

We value nature, community, and craftsmanship.

We’re working to protect an inclusive, small-scale farming culture that is disappearing in Andalucía. We stand for authenticity and integrity in an industry that needs better oversight and consumer protections.

We believe:

  • Genuine extra virgin olive oil is a superfood
  • Maintaining biodiversity makes farming more sustainable
  • Local growers should be rewarded fairly for their work
  • Transparent, traceable practices make accountability real

Small farmers and rural communities benefit when their unique, heritage products are appropriately valued. We’re passionate about sharing these very special foods with you.

 - Tracy & María

Maria Rivero and Tracy Bassett toasting with Spanish wine.

LA PRIMERA was created by María Rivero and Tracy Bassett.

We are a collaborative project with small farmers, rural cooperatives, and family producers in Córdoba, Spain.